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53 Gorgeous Maximalist Decor Ideas for Any Home


Home as the place where we will always be back no matter how far or how long we go should be designed as homey as possible with its comfortable ambience in all aspects so that we could always miss the moment of coming home. To achieve that purpose, you should correspond your home design with your own personal taste than just adopt the trending design from the magazine or internet because each person taste is different, so that the comfort version will be different too. Make sure that you are not distracted by others taste and be confident with your own so that you can really feel the happiness of coming home with all the decoration, ornaments, and room management that really entertain yourself.

Naturally there are two things to be concerned when designing a home, those are for the functional value and the artistic one. In this modern era, minimalist style is the most loving style where people are living in a busy world. Minimalist style offer the simplicity and functional things as the key of a comfort occupancy that will really fit the busy people nowadays. However, some of you may don’t fit with that minimalist style as your personal taste refuse to be simple. Here you can have the opposite style that is the maximalist style. It is quite different with the minimalist where maximalist is more daring to show the personality of the owner. There will be colors, pattern, and so much more creativities that really show off the artistic side of the occupancy. The details are also become a concern in this style that commonly will tell the history of the owner. For a clear illustration, we will show you some great maximalist designs to be your inspiration. Go check the gallery out down below!


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