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50 Totally Smart DIY College Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget


It cannot be denied that living on an apartment is the reflection of simplicity. But, we have to be smart in setting the rooms so that we have a cozy apartment as we dream. No matter how wide our apartment is, we must manage the free space well. Maximizing the minimal space is the big deal. Surely, setting and arranging our furnitures, decorations, and ornaments must be considered in a good plan.

In getting around these problems, we can have some DIY college decorations. Let’s begin with the decoration we can make in the livingroom. Our living room is a showroom we can put some framed photos of our family, painting, quotes, and so on. A clothesline is one of the ideas to display our photos. You can hang it on a pallet stuck on the livingroom wall. Gilded or college photo frames is also another way to save memorable family photos. If we have some paintings, we can arrange it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally so that the paintings arranged well. To get efficient and save the space, we can incorporate two or three functions into one element, for example, we pick a tv stand in the form of a wooden cabinet. Thus, we can use this cabinet for both a tv stand and a storage for books. The similar idea is using racks or shelves. A shelves made from wooden for store shoes, can be a spot to display our framed photos or ceramics. The bottom parts are for shoes storage, and the top is for displaying our pieces of ceramics. Furthermore, making a wooden or bamboo ladder is an interesting idea since it can be combined with a modern rustic DIY. Just paint the wood or bamboo with a neutral.color like white or black then put it in the bathroom to put towels, in the bedroom to hang the clothes, or livingroom to put hats, jackets, or scarfs. Well, to give you real pictures of DIY college you can make in your apartment, below we present some examples. Check them out!


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