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54 Beautiful Yet Functional Privacy Fence Planter Boxes Ideas

Beautiful yet functional privacy fence planter boxes ideas 50

Have you ever thought that you are really need fence around your yard to keep your privacy, but installing the fence seems to be boring with its rigid look? Basically you can have the plants to be used as your fence but the problem is that it is less secure compared with the real fence. The thing that you can do if the real fence is something that you really need is by outsmart it to look more pretty so that you won’t feel that the fence is boring. Since it is located in your yard, then you can play with the plants to cover your fence so that it will be in harmony with your garden yard. You will also get the beauty and peaceful feeling with the greenery which is very great to have two advantages at once in same time.

To add the plants into your fence, the first thing you have to do is by making the planter boxes. It should be colored in the same tone with your fence so that it will look like it is assimilated with the fence. For the design and size, you have to look for the plants first so that you can decide on how you will deal with your planter boxes, whether you will make it into a high form, wide space, or short but long boxes. You can also make it into one long form or in some different boxes. Commonly, the detached boxes are intended for the trees or plants that potentially high. If it is possible and you are interested, you can have vines that will be artistic and can bring out the nature ambience into your fence. Let us now look at the pictures below that will show you some great ideas of the gorgeous planter boxes fence to add your yard privacy.

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