Living room is the first room that you meet when entering the house. When a guest visits, you will also let them enter to sit in the living room. Not only that, but you can also spend a lot of time with your family there. The neatly arranged living room illustrates that the grandeur of the house is well organized. With the function of a very diverse living room, then you have to decorate it into a cool and pleasant living room.

In decorating the living room, you must pay attention to several things, including the selected interior, color selection, and lighting. In terms of interior selection, choose the interior according to the needs in your living room. You don’t need to place a lot of interiors that don’t have a function there, which will make your room narrow because there are too many interiors. The required interior is a set of sofas with a desk. Choose the size of the sofa that matches the size of the living room, don’t force a large sofa to be placed in a narrow living room. That will look bad. For color issues, this actually depends on your preferences because color reflects how the character of the owner. The last is lighting if you already have a window in the living room, which is a very true thing. The presence of a window isn’t only intended for sweeteners, but windows are the places where sunlight can go directly into the house. It’s free natural lighting that you can feel every day. Besides the presence of a window, you also have to choose a bright living room lamp and artistic form so you can add to the aesthetics of a room. To give life to the living room, you can place several art decoration walls there. Wall art can be in the form of photos, images, mirrors and wall clocks. Look at some images below. These pictures are a cool living room design idea that can be your reference.

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