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54 The Best Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home


Living room is an important room for every home. This room is the place where you receive the guests. Not only that the living room is also often used as a gathering space for families to chat, joke and spend time together. Therefore, you must have the best and comfortable living room for residents of the house.

To have the best and comfortable living room. You must pay attention to several things, including the selection of interior concepts, spatial planning, lighting, and color. Many concepts that you can choose as a concept from your living room. So you just need to choose which concept that you like to apply in your living room. In spatial planning, this is related to furniture. The spacious and narrow living room is actually the same. You only need to choose furniture that has a function there. For the size, you only need to adjust the area of ​​the living room there. In terms of lighting, it would be great if you already have a window in your living room so that sunlight can directly enter into the house. And for lighting, you can choose lights that can be used to beautify a room at the same time. There are already many stores that sell it, so you only need to come to the store and choose the item that you want. In choosing colors, it depends on the concept that you are applying. But if you want a different look, you can choose the color that you like even if it doesn’t blend with the concept that you take. To make it better, you can put the carpet in the middle of the living room. It is not only for decoration, but also have important functions in the living room. Below, we present some images of the living room design that can be your reference in decorating your best living room.

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