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54 Luxurious The Living Room Design Ideas

The design of the living room looks luxurious 49

Designing a nice and neat living room is a thing to do for everyone. The living room is a place where you invite your guests to sit to chat. Not only that sometimes living rooms also used to gather with family. Because the functions are so important, there is nothing wrong with decorating your living room even better.

The first thing that you have to do in decorating a living room is to determine the theme or concept that you will take. The concept will be related to furniture and color in the room. In choosing furniture, there are things that must be considered. If you have a spacious living room, you can choose various types of furniture to be placed there. But if you only have a narrow living room, you have to choose furniture with a not too large size and choose furniture that has a function there. For color selection, you have to adjust to the concepts. For example, if you choose a modern concept, you can use monochrome colors like black, white and gray. In order to be more cool and nice, you can put some decorations to beautify the living room. You can put some wall decorations to make the living room more alive. Wall decoration can be in the form of photo frames, wall stickers, decorative lights, mirrors or wall clocks. Don’t forget to also place the lights that are hung in the middle of the living room. Choose lights that can beautify the living room. Don’t choose ordinary lights. Add floor carpet under the living room table. The presence of carpets is highly recommended, especially for areas that have cold temperatures. It will keep your feet warm. Not only that the carpet can also keep the falling glass from breaking. Below, we present some pictures of design living rooms that can be your inspiration in decorating the room. Let’s see!

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