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41 Best Garden Design Ideas with Valentines Day Concept


Having a chance to have a remains land to create a pretty garden at the yard is such a blessing since today, it is quite difficult to have a wide area to build a house and remains the land for the yard. If you are one of those people who can buy a wide land area, then don’t waste your chance. Try to give concern to design your garden whether it is at the backyard or front yard because those area can be utilized to support any event including the Valentine’s day that will be coming soon. When designing your garden with the Valentine’s day concept, you don’t need to be worried because lovely things can be used durably. So that the design still can fit for any events and season, you may just need to add certain accessories to strengthen the event in case you want to celebrate the other event.

As usual, Valentine’s day is dominated with flowers. So, to design your garden with that theme, all you need to do is preparing the blooming whether by planting the flowers or simply use the picked flowers as the decoration that are put here and there. Since there are so many kinds of blooming, you can simply choose the flowers that have durability so that it can live longer. Also for the flowers color, even though Valentine’s day is known with its red and pink color, it won’t be wrong to have another soft or even bright color like white, yellow, and orange as long as you can divide the amount of each color composition well. It means that you have to use the red or pink color more than the other colors that are used only as an additional to make your garden in varies. The pictures below will give you references for the kinds of flower and its application for your garden design. Be inspired!

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