After the whole decoration, there are still an awkward space left in our home, sometimes. Is is a spot where there is nothing exist there and make the spot looks empty and boring. Some of you may just let the space that way but some more just can’t help to put something so that the space won’t bring out a lonely impression. Basically you can put anything there especially when you don’t have any problem with the space limitation, but if your home is lack of space, it will be great if you can put something that is not only aimed for the beauty side but also has a functional value so that you can make use of it and make sure that anything put in your home is helpful.

The example of the thing to be placed in your awkward spot and can give a good function at the same time is the shelves. For your information, shelves here are not only dedicated to put your books but also other things like your collections, appliances, decorative plants and more. You can even make it as your extra storage place. For the shelves material, wood will be the material that is easier to be found and cheaper than the iron or steel. In case you don’t want to make it look rustic as you love something modern, you can tint it into several neutral colors like white, black, or grey. Just simply follow the rule of the style that you want to achieve and apply it into your shelves. For the placement, it is not stuck on a room only but you can place it in any room in your home that has a boring spot from the kitchen to the bathroom, just anywhere! We have prepared some great examples for the corner shelves with its design and placement in gallery down below. Hope you can get the inspiration, have fun!


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