Beside all the furniture in your house, bookshelf is the one that can’t be ignored for its existence because little or a lot, there must be books in every house. Unfortunately, not all of you know the importance of the bookshelf and just let the books stacked up just that way without any proper shelf. It is not a good way anyway since your book won’t be maintained well and vulnerable to be destroyed by the book fleas. Also, your home will look messy and not immaculate as it will give bad impression of your home when there are guests visit your home. Whereas, beside for its book safety reason, arranging your book well in a bookshelf will make you easier to find the book that you want because you can look at the title easily. Nothing will be wasted in providing a proper bookshelf in your home, so just pick one to take care of your books.

Basically there are several bookshelf models from the simple one the the unique style. It could be in an open shelf or closed shelf that will be perfect if you live in an environment that produce lot of dust where you can’t  control it not to littering your books. In choosing the bookshelf you can correspond it with your budget or with your home style. If you have rustic home style, choose wooden bookshelf with its wood original color to strengthen the rustic spirit. For the modern style, choose the bookshelf in neutral colors, but here we do advice you to choose white, grey, or black since those colors are really attached with modern style. There are also some different forms of the bookshelf for the modern or industrial style that will be showed on the gallery below. These kind of bookshelf may will look quirky but those are very unique and have an artistic value in case you love art and don’t want to have something mainstream. Please enjoy some great ideas of the bookshelf designs those are quite popular this year. Hope you will love it!


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