Talking about living room, you don’t need to have a wide space to create a comfort zone on it. Of course it will be better if you can provide a wide space for your living room, but having a small space won’t hamper you to create a comfortable spot. As we all know that living room is one of the important rooms in our home. We don’t use it only for our private needs but also to be used as a public space where sometimes we invite our friends or big family and place them in the living room. That thing is a main consideration for you to design your living room into a cozy place whether you have it in a small or wide space since there must be ways to outsmart the space so that it is suitable enough for your guests.

When designing a living room there will be two main points that need to be concerned. The first one is on the proper furniture and the second one is on the interesting look that related to the artistic value of your room design. Let us talk about the furniture first, it is clear that the focal point of a living room is on the seats that commonly sofa as it offers more comfort compares with the other kinds of seat. However, there are some kinds of sofa that are not proper enough because the bearing is hard or broke easily. Since sofa is the most important part in the living room, better for you to buy the expensive one but has a good durability. After that, provide television as well because it is important to entertain your guests where you can use it to watch the match together or having fun with the play station. For the artistic value, you can hang some paintings or other art works. Add some greenery with decorative plants or flowers in a vase. Choose the ornaments that correspond your personal taste. Now please look at the pictures that we have compiled down below. Get the inspiration and adapt it for your own living room.


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