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42 Fish Pond Garden Designs with Water Fountain Concept

Designing a garden always become something interesting and fun since you will be dealing with some greenery and blooming that can bring happiness and refresh your mind. That is why, it is always better for you to spend your free day designing and decorating your own garden than pay for the gardener. Besides for its budgeting reason, do everything for your garden is not a difficult thing, even it can be so much fun and refreshing. For your advice, there are so many things that you can do for your garden, not only with the trees, flowers, patio, walk path, and any other common thing that you ever heard. Try to make more effort and get a prettier garden look.

The other adorable ideas for the garden that may rarely thought by most of you are the pond and the water fountain. Those things will be so much awesome because the sound of the water fountain is really relaxing and makes you feel like be among the nature and the pond can be used to nurture fish with lotus on the pond surface to add some beauty. For the pond design, you could make it orderly just like a common pool, or if you want to make it look more natural, you can design it by using rocks and arrange it randomly around the edge of the pool. Give some greenery around the pond or simply at certain side of the pool that you think could be gorgeous. Don’t forget for the watering that should be designed as easy as possible so that you can drain the pond routinely. The pond with its water fountain designs below will give you some inspiration with their great ideas. Go check these pictures out!


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