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45 The Best Artistic Living Room Design


Living room is known and designed with it’s homey and warm atmosphere as the decoration goal with something simple, not too crowded, and functional. However, there are some people who can’t feel enough only with warm and those other impression feeling. They need some other extra touches to make it more than pretty but adorable in an artistic look. Commonly it is desired by those with a high personal taste who love something classic in Victorian look. If you are wondering on how to make a living room looks like an art gallery but comfortable and warm at the same time, then you are on the right site because here we will invite you to talk about it together.

The first thing to be considered in providing an artistic living room is by deciding the color scheme. Don’t use the colorful and bright color because commonly, artistic thing tend to use the calm or neutral color like brown, beige, grey, white, and more. After that, you can start with the furniture that will be quite different with the common style. For an artistic thing, you should choose the one with quirky look, uncommon shape, and put forward on its beauty than the function. However, it doesn’t mean that you can rule out the comfort of the furniture, especially for the sofa because your guests or even yourself comfort on the seat is a crucial thing for a living room. Then for the lighting, you can choose a classic chandelier or the quirky one in an industrial style that has a quirky look for most of its furniture. The pictures below will explain you more of the artistic living room designs that will have the beauty and comfort at the same time. Hope you can find the inspiration there. Good luck!


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