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40 Smart Hidden Storage Design That You Can Try in Your Home


Home is one of the most valuable things in our lives. In the house, there are many things that become our identity. Home design often describes who we are. There is a time that we want to tell people what we are through the design of our house. But sometimes there are also some parts that only you and your closest people that can see. It can be done by making hidden storage in the house, especially for narrow houses.

Creating hidden storage can make your home feel spacious but you can also store your belongings neatly. There are so many parts in the house that you can use to store some items hidden in your house. One of them is to use the stairs inside the house. If you remember the Harry Potter bedroom which is under the stairs, you can immediately imagine how it looks. You can place the bottom of the stairs in a shape that follows the shape of the stairs. If you don’t open it, nobody will know that it’s a storage cabinet. You can also make shoe storage on every step of the stairs, if you want to use shoes, you just need to pull the footing. It looks really brilliant. Not only supported, but you can make storage hidden on the wall of your house. If usually the closet is only hung on the wall, now you can make a closet inside the wall. That will make your room more functional. You can also try to make hidden storage in your family room table. If you want to open your storage, then you just need to pull it away. And there is more hidden storage that you can make in your home. Surely no one knows that it’s your secret storage. Like some Hidden Storage pictures below. Hopefully inspire. Let’s see it!

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