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43 The Best DIY For Wardrobe That You Can Try

Wardrobe is furniture that must be owned by everyone. With varied collection of clothes, it requires to have a wardrobe that suits our needs. Now, wardrobe has many innovations so that many forms are available. But, before you choose the wardrobe that you want, you need to know the material because it is an important part. With the development of time, many people tried to make their own wardrobe desired. By making your own wardrobe, you will be satisfied with the results.

In making your wardrobe, first you should prepare the design and size. The size of the wardrobe according to the size of your room, do not force to place the big wardrobe there, because the room becomes seem narrow. But if you have a special room for the wardrobe, that won’t be a problem. For shapes, you can choose an open or closed wardrobe. But if you want something fresh, you can try an open wardrobe. Because in addition to storing clothes, an open wardrobe can also enhance the appearance of your room. The most important thing is that you always arrange your clothes neat and look good. After determining the shape, you must determine what material you will use. Then you can start making your dream wardrobe. For color selection, you can choose the color that you like, but you have to pay attention to the color according to the theme of your room. To save space, you can choose the wardrobe design that has part of the clothes hanging and clothes folded, and you can also add a place to store shoes or bags at the bottom. Actually, the open and closed wardrobe just the same. The important thing is that you always maintain the cleanliness of your wardrobe. Don’t let your wardrobe get dirty because you never clean it. Below we present some pictures of wardrobe designs that can be your inspiration. Hopefully Useful!

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