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49 The Best Mini Bar Design Ideas in Balcony Apartment

The idea of ​​utilizing a balcony that is either narrow or wide seems like a good idea. In fact, a narrow balcony is not just a place to dry clothes or even just to store other used items. You can decorate it as a place to relax, relax, and find various inspirations. It all depends on your idea and determination to make a useless narrow space into a stylish space. If you often watch Hollywood movies that mostly use a romantic balcony room then you can imitate it now. The balcony is transformed into a stylish romantic bar. Bohemian style that is often highlighted in holly-wood films combines various colors that collide with each other. Bohemian-style balconies are usually equipped with sofas and love seat with pillows and warm blankets piled on top.

In addition, you can also style the Victorian era, which utilizes warm colored objects and classic-style furniture. This Victorian-style bar does not require a lot of furniture. Only a pair of classic chairs with warm colors and a few pots of stemmed flowers that adorn the corners. Finding the idea of ​​making mini bars on the balcony of your apartment is a brilliant idea to get a comfortable residence amidst the bustle of a city. If you are bored with restaurant food, now you can design a balcony into a mini bar with a few chairs facing out of the apartment. Not only natural nuances that you can get, but also romantic sights and dinners there. To make a mini bar you only need a few chairs and a folding table that is very simple. In addition, you can also add aesthetic value with additional plants there and some lights to warm up the atmosphere. The presence of several wooden chairs and a wall table seems to be also you can consider. Wooden chairs make a balcony bar a vintage style that is very classic and romantic. With natural wood color you don’t need to add a lot of furniture there. The mini bar concept is a charming, simple, relaxed place.

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