Want a different home atmosphere, a more artistic and different wall appearance than usual. One way you can do is to design your home room using decorations other than paintings. Why is that? wall decorations with paintings have been widely applied even almost every house must have frescoes. However, with artistic wall art you will find another nuance. There are various kinds of artistic wall hangings that you can try, or if you need references then you can see on this page. You can decorate walls with used objects that are not used, from wood branches or from flannel paper that is designed for that.

Artistic does not have to be expensive, for example, you can put a few pieces of wood on your wall or often known as floating shelves or wall shelves as places to put some items there such as souvenirs, merchandise collections, or your flower vase collection. Besides looks neat, this thing in fact makes your room more artistic. Or you can make decorations with wooden pallets. Wood pallets are often used as the base of an item and function as container shipping goods. Even though many people throw away packets of wooden pallet shipments, you can use them to be converted into artistic wall hangings and seem expensive. Also, try to display some unique photo frames from wood. You can decorate your wall with lots of photos of precious moments with your closest person or lover. Tree bookshelf. Artistic and very useful. You can make a tree-shaped wall shelf as a collection of various books that you have. Wooden wall decoration ideas are ready to make your room more charming and not boring.┬áIf you have a collection of cloth that is deliberately not to be used, then it’s time for you to make it a display on your wall. Only by framing it on a unique wooden frame, it will produce artistic work.



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