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54 Amazing Mini Bar Design Ideas That You Can Copy Right Now

Are you a business man who like to go to a bar just for having drinks? But, sometimes you don’t have enough time to go outside? This idea to have a mini bar at home can be your solution. Don’t be worried of having no bigger space since a mini bar is enough if you can manage it well.

Some people think that having a bar is a plus point of a house. Some also think that a bar give luxurious modern impression. As a living room or a dining room, a mini bar can be the space for you to relax and have chatting with family. After working a lot all day long, you can refresh your mind by visiting your mini bar at home. In a bar, you are possible to welcome your guests as well. This idea seems to be more relaxed and casual for you. If you do not have enough free space at home, you can incorporate your mini bar with your kitchen. A table can be multifunction to be used for the bar table and dining table. Then, install enough lighting for your mini bar with bulb lamps or hanging lamps. Lighting always brings a dramatic yet romantic ambiance for rooms. Choose color scheme that you love to increase your mood. A monochrome, dark, or dominant white are the examples of mini bar scheme. You may combine a dark color with an eye-catching color in order to balance the nuance. Since it is named as a mini bar, you just have to provide three to four chairs. For the ornaments, you can make your framed photos on the wall or give natural touch such as a flower vase. A mini bar, once again, does not have to be an indoor decoration. But, it surely can be outdoor. An outdoor mini bar can be placed in your backyard, patio, or near the swimming pool. Therefore, you can enjoy drinking while seeing your backyard view. Don’t forget to provide racks or shelves and fridge to store your wine, beer, and soft drink. Well, check these picture below to get some inspirations of mini bar at home.

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