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56 Shoes Rack Design Ideas That Many People Like


Are you a shoes collector or very into shoes? If you are a shoes collector, you have to get the right storage for your beloved shoes. Surely, you do not want to see your shoes get broken or dirty. Besides, you have to store well your shoes artistically yet simply. Thus, here we will discuss about tricky idea of shoes storage with racks.

Racks are the best idea of shoes storage. Racks are easy to find and remodel. Moreover, there are so various kinds of racks that we can buy or make by DIY racks as what we need. The advantage of using racks for shoes storages is that you can make your shoes arrangement get neat and you also can display your shoes. The most common shoes rack usually found is in the form of a wall shelf. You can make it by yourself horizontally using palettes, glass, or steel. For pallets racks, it is another way to recycle the used pallets. You can apply varnish or paint to make it more interesting to put in your children ‘s room, for example. The main point to concern of the way to arrange your shoes is that yin have to short every items based on the models, like boots, high heels, sneakers, loafers, flat shoes, and so on. By sorting the models, it helps you to easily find out the item you want to wear quickly. The next idea is wood rack shoe organizer under your bed. Why don’t you use a free space under your bed as a shoe storage. Don’t worry of being messy since if you organize your shoes well, this spot os the best idea for a minimal room space. Try to use a tailor shoe storage as well. It offers you the idea of organizing your shoes with higher space on the bottom for knee boots and smaller spaces on the top for flip-flop, flat shoes, and more. Trolly shoe racks with small wheels. This idea is loved by some people since it is moveable to other room if it is needed. So, it is easy to clean the dirt under the rack. Another idea you can try is a floating racks behind the door. If you get confused of having smaller room but you have many pairs of shoes, try to do this trick to out a floating rack behind your door. There are various racks you can choose for your shoes storages. Check the items below and have fun!


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