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55 Architect Design For Home That Popular This Year


Everyone has their own dreamy home. Whatever the concept of their home, whether it is modern or minimalist, it should bring a coziness and warmth for all members of the family. Sometimes they create their own house design, but there are some who need an architect to do that.

There are more than 50 examples of architect designs which are stunning and modern. They apply a good interior design that eases the owner to do their activities at home. Since home is where all the member of family spend more time together, it must be made as cozy as possible. A minimalist home concept comes from the use of glass. The glass is used for balcony door, windows and doors. A glass door may separate between two rooms, like kitchen and dining room, living room and backyard, living room and balcony, etc. To get a privacy, using a curtain is the best idea. The usage of glass makes the space seems larger than it really is. A glass house is possible to have various house shapes which unique yet adorable. Next design of modern house by architect is by making a multistory house. It is suitable for those whose space is small. The trick of having small space to get larger house is making a multi story house. The stairs are made from high quality of woods with modern banister from steel and wood.  For a common house, it usually has three floors with balcony. A stylish balcony sometimes dominated with glass to enhance the impression of modern and gorgeous. Some architects also design a simple backyard with garden and swimming pool. The swimming pool is the plus point of a house. If it is possible, go deeper idea by making a patio with sofa, so that it can be the place for relaxing or even held a party. There are many more examples of home designs by architect that you can adopt. You can check them out below.


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