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44 How to Store Things in the Bathroom that Will be Inspiring


Whether your bathroom is small or big, there are things that you need to store related to your toiletries and other stuff. That is why whatever it is, cabinets or racks are something that you must have in your bathroom. Since there are so many sizes and types of vanity bathroom, cabinets, or racks that you can purchase, you don’t need to be worried that your bathroom will be narrow and uncomfortable. It depends, just choose the one that is not too big but has extra drawers if your bathroom is quite small, and choose whatever you like if don’t have space problems. Moreover, since there are too many things to be stored, then whatever you choose, you need to have an ability to arrange your things so that it be stored orderly, neat, and sufficient.

When storing your bathroom things, all you need to do is classifying the stuff and don’t alloy things that have different type. Beside for its appearance purpose to look neat and well ordered, it will make you find your things easily since it has the classification of each stuff. Things that may exist at your bathroom is the toiletries, skin care product, towels, candles, and some ornaments or greenery. You can store the toiletries and skin care products separately. Since your skin care needs to be more hygienic so that you need to place it in the upper side of the rack so that it will keep dry. Or, you can store it inside the drawer, wherever it is, just make sure that the products are protected well. For the towel, you can fold it into rolls and compile it at the cabinet neatly. Find the right place for your greenery, don’t put it too much cause it might will make your bathroom looks crowded. Those are some tips that you can adapt for the bathroom storing management. Now, please look at the examples of the bathroom arrangement down below and get the inspiration!


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