Talking about home design and decoration with its interior is quite common where you can find it anywhere with so many ideas and inspiration. However, when it comes to exterior design, it is just few people who really takes concern on it. Whereas without you realize it, your exterior design can be a focal point since it will be people’s first impression of your occupancy. When your home exterior is adorable, then people will directly give a good value for your interior, but when it occurs in otherwise, then your guests will underestimate your occupancy without even looking inside at your house.

You may questioning on how you can make your exterior looks good since you can’t even decorate it just like the way you decorate your indoor. Anyway, you don’t need to be worried with all of this exterior things cause it won’t be as complicated as you thought. Let us start with the first easiest thing that you can do that is your roof. Don’t ever underestimate the roof because it can give you certain impressions if you can deal with this in a right way, let’s say by giving the right color of it. Neglected roof can influence your exterior into a bad appearance, that is why you need to paint it regularly. Choose white color to give you a minimalist and peaceful occupancy impression, bold color for a strong spirit, and any other colors with their own characteristic. After that for your terrace, you can install fences and give the same color or at least in line with the roof. Add some furniture like chairs, coffee table, sofa, or even a swing to enjoy your front yard look on summer. Here we will show you some simple yet adorable exterior designs to give you inspiration. Catch the ideas and do it for yours!

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