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53 Inspiring Pallet Mini Bar Design Ideas


It Is not like having bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen at home, having a mini bar is optional. But, having a bar is a plus point for a house. For you those are keen on spending much time by relaxing and drinking some beverage, having a mini bar at home surely will be an interesting idea to consider.

A mini bar design can be simple to complicated depends on the needs pf the house owner. Moreover, it can be made both indoor or outdoor. It is believed that having a bar at home adds a spot to spend more time at home with family or friends. It also makes the impression of a modern luxurious home. The common problem that usually happens is that you want to have a mini bar but you do not have enough space. The smart trick for this problem is that you may incorporate your kitchen and your bar. Your table bar can be used for dining table as well. Put three to five chairs is enough for a mini bar concept. The bar is able to be the separator between a kitchen and another room as well. If you want to have an outdoor mini bar, you can use your patio with open natural view which creates a cozy ambiance. Use general lighting and additional lighting, like hanging lamps or chandeliers to make your mini bar more dramatic. Moreover, provide shelves to put some glasses or bottles, a fridge for soft drinks, and you can decorate your mini bar with paintings or framed photos. It is also possible for you to make natural touch for indoor mini bar like putting flowers in a vase. The followings are examples of a mini bar design for you. Hope you like them.

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