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54 Unique Ideas of Wall Bedroom Design


Bedroom is the most important room in the house. Bedroom is a private area in the house, where we can freely express ourselves. There is also a place where we take a break from the activities that we have done. In there, we can do anything. When we feel sad, happy, disappointed, and annoyed, we can vent it with various things there. Because the functions are so large, the design of the bedroom must also be considered. Your task is to make your room become the most comfortable and coolest room in the world.

Now, decorating rooms will not be endless. You can do it based on your wants. Choose furniture with a size that fits to your room. For example the selection of mattresses, tables and wardrobe. Then, decorate the room to be more alive by adding cool wall hangings. Wall decoration consists of many things, such as stickers, wallpapers, photos, lights, paintings and much more. You are free to choose a wall decoration that is suitable to be applied to your bedroom. But, you need to pay attention to the size of the wall decoration that you will install, don’t choose a size that is too big and too small, and adjust it to other furniture in your room. If you use wall decorations in the form of pictures, don’t forget to also choose images that match with the bedroom theme. To decorate a room, creativity is very necessary. Don’t just make things careless. Because it will actually make your room look weird. After applying the cool wall decoration in your bedroom, don’t forget to choose the lamp. The presence of the lamp is very important because the lights will affect the appearance of a room. Don’t let your room go dark because of the wrong choice of lights. Like the pictures below, we present some ideas about wall bedroom design that can make your inspiration. Hopefully useful!

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