The sink is the most important part that can’t be separated from the kitchen and bathroom. If in the kitchen, the use of sink is not only a place to wash hands but also wash household furniture, vegetables, and fruits. And for bathrooms, the use of sinks is for washing hands and also washing face. With the development era, the shape of the sink has been diverse. So, in addition to the functions already mentioned, the sink also has a function that can affect the appearance of the room through a variety of forms.

In choosing the right sink, first, you have to choose a material that is good and in accordance with your room. Some materials that are popularly used for sinks are copper, brass, stainless steel, marble, glass, ceramics, and more. Each material has its own character, so before you choose a good material, you must know the character of the material. If you have chosen the right material, then you need to think about the size and shape of the sink that you will choose. For the kitchen, usually, the sink used is only a box with a shower that completes it. And for the bathroom, there are several forms that we can find such as boxes and shaped basins. It all depends on your wants.

For color selection, you can adjust the theme of the room there. But many people use bright colors so that if there is dirt it is easily visible and also becomes easy to clean. Regardless of the design of the sink that you will use, choose a material that is anti-rust and easy to clean. Thus, your sink will be durable and beautiful to look at. In addition, you must diligently clean it so that it doesn’t become a nest of germs.

Like some pictures of sink design below, I hope it can inspire you. Let’s see it!

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