Roof tile is one of the home exteriors which is very important to care. Imagine your house was built without a roof tile, of course the function of the house as a shelter is not fulfilled. The main function of a roof tile is to protect a house from heat, cold, rain and wind. To carry out the main function, the roof tile must be chosen from quality materials. There are various materials for the roof tile, such as clay roofs, concrete, ceramics, glass,  pre-painted galvanized steel, and much more. Every material has advantages and disadvantages, so you must consider it before buying a roof tile to be installed in your beautiful home.

Today, there are many forms of roof tile. The shape is not monotonous but varies. There are roof tiles shaped waves or flat. For those of you who want to buy roof tile, you have to choose that fits to the design of your house. Choose roof tile with materials that are durable and not easily damaged. For model selection, you can choose single or multi roof tile model. The single model has advantages over multi roof tile, which is more infinitive and durable, the way to repair is easier and more efficient. The advantages of multi roof tile is the easy and fast installation. When compared with single tiles, the installation time is for times faster. This type of multi roof tile is now widely used in minimalist homes. Now, you can choose the color of the roof tile that you like. Almost all colors are available. So, you only need to adjust the color of the tile with the color of decoration in your sweet home. Don’t forget to check the roof tile, so that if there is a broken, it can be replaced immediately. Let’s look at some pictures of roof tile below.

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