Decorating a house is a fun thing. With creativity, you can make your ordinary home become extraordinary. If you’ve decorated the inside of the house, there’s nothing wrong with decorating the outside too. Because, everyone who comes, will definitely see the exterior of your house so you must make them amazed by the decorations. One of the things that you can try is to decorate the outside window of your house into an extraordinary look.

Making decorations in a window has been done by many people. Windows is the important ornaments from a house. Besides having an important function for air circulation in the house, the window also has an aesthetic that can be maximized, so that the house has a different look and feel. To decorate a window is actually easy. You can place fresh flower arrangements there. The way is preparing a small garden with fertile soil with a pipe or cross-section along the bottom side of the window. Then choose a flower theme that is in harmony with the overall color of the house so that the flower arrangement is not striking but still calm when viewed. The addition of this flower garden can also make you have new activities every morning, which is watering it well. Even this flower arrangement will give a fresh effect when viewed from inside the house because it provides a new perspective. If you are the type of lazy person, you can replace fresh flowers with fake flowers. This method is also considered to make the window look more attractive. The most important thing is to keep checking these fake flowers so that if there are damaged flowers, it can be replaced immediately. As the pictures below, this shows some pictures of the home decorating ideas with flowers on the window that can be your inspiration in decorating the outside of your house. Let’s see it!

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