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49 DIY Drying Design Ideas That You Can Try in Your Home


No one knows better than the character of our house but the owner of the house itself. If you want to create a house with character, then make sure you are familiar with each of your spaces and the needs of your home space. Like it is in creating a comfortable laundry room. First, you must find a space that is suitable for your washing needs. Laundry room will be more comfortable if it always collides with fresh air and sunlight. Then choose a space near the light source such as a window or vent. Because the theme of this laundry room design is our own idea, then put all the equipment you need there. Some washing machines and dryers can be arranged vertically in order to save space. You can place dry drying rooms on the wall of your washing machine. This can make it easier for you to hang clothes, if you can put the drying close to the window so that it will facilitate air circulation. Even if it’s not, it doesn’t matter.

You can apply drying hanging too, why not? A Hanging saves more space. If we observe, this drying type can make it easier for us to dry our clothes. You can adjust to your own height. Moreover, you can hang it close to air circulation, this will be very helpful. But if your laundry room is a spacious room and is very supportive for a large drying area, then you can add drying to the tide, which can be moved anytime. This type of drying does offer you the freedom to dry clothes, but it is not appropriate to be placed in a modern minimalist house, because it requires a lot of space. It would be more efficient if you put the drying in the walls of the suitable and your washing machine and dryer.


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