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53 Laundry Design Ideas With Drying Room That You Must Try

Laundry design ideas with drying room that you must try 38

The need to wash clothes everyone definitely needs it. If you think of how many clothes we use every day, and the need to wash them every time you finish them, then you definitely need a laundry that is comfortable and has enough space. Laundry room does not require a wide range, but it must be enough and a little space so that it will make it easier to move. Because of course when we are washing it requires a bit of space. Then, do you need a space to dry your clothes? A laundry room design with the presence of a drying room looks neat and saves space. You don’t need to worry that a laundry room and drying room will reduce your movement in cleaning your clothes.

If you have finished designing the laundry room, don’t forget to design a drying room at the same time. Isn’t after washing we need to dry our clothes? A neatness we can create with the arrangement of the right furniture. You can put two washing machines in one room. Place the washing machine in the same area. After that, give a drying room next to the laundry room, so that it will be easier for you to prepare a daily outfit. Then does it still make a cupboard? If there is still space left, then you can bring the cupboard there, besides helping you in storage, it can also increase neatness. The various drying room models are now available, so you don’t need to worry about the design of the drying room that suits your laundry room. The right setting will help you get a charming laundry room design. If you want a variety of references, you can check here, load the design of the laundry room together with the drying room.

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