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49 Drying Rack Design Ideas That You Can Try

Have you ever felt that presence drying rack is very important in a house? Imagine how many times you change clothes in a day, and spend how much time washing to dry your clothes. By drying the rack you can save time for drying clothes. As we know that today there are many drying rack models that in addition to helping you dress up also have a compact design and do not take up a lot of space. For example you can see here. A lot of drying rack is simple with a minimalist design that fits your minimalist laundry. The material of drying rack is also very varied, from wood-based, aluminum to iron. However, drying the rack with iron-based materials seems to be less recommended because most of the time it will rust so it is not convenient to use. Wood, one type of base material is very well known in supporting household furniture from many sides. Starting from living room furniture, kitchen, bedroom, study room, even to drying rack. The basic material of other which may be highly recommended is the aluminum drying rack. Of material that is easily available, it is lightweight and does not easily rust. Even though it is often exposed to sun or rain.

From here, you have determined what drying rack you will choose. Then, what about the design? Dry rack design should suit the area of ​​the room. If your room is spacious enough, it won’t be a problem if you choose a large drying rack with lots of hangers. But if you have a small laundry room with a limited area, then you will also choose a drying rack that is minimalist. Or if you are thinking of saving space, then you can try hanging rack. So you can hang it on the ceiling of your laundry room. The thing that you can forget is your comfort when using it. Match your rack model with your washing needs. High and low drying racks should also adjust. So that it is not only efficient but also comfortable.

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