Inspiring small laundry room design ideas in spring 2019 01

51 Inspiring Small Laundry Room Design Ideas in Spring 2019

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Having a small house requires the owner to always have creative ideas to make the house neat and comfortable to live in. A comfortable house is of course seen from several sides, not only good and has the right interior design and good. But you will be comfortable if supported by good space management, and the location of each furniture in its place. So that all space will look neat and comfortable to live in. Not only the usual habitable rooms such as living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms. The room that only homeowners can access is also neat. As with the laundry room which must also be neat. Laundry space tends to have a narrow and remote plan. Therefore, we must be good at placing rang laundry at the right angle, reachable by sunlight, and have a comfortable and cool air or atmosphere.

Put all the furniture in place. A washing machine must be placed in a place that is just like at an angle. If possible, place the washing range and dry it in the same place. it will be more like if you can choose a range that is for ironing. So you will do many things in one room. The room is not spacious enough, enough with a medium room with lots of ventilation so that air can circulate well. The sun room will be better if you have good ventilation. The choice of paint color is also very decisive for lighting and the broad impression of the room. White selection is always right in any room with a measure of size. A room with a white wall will make the room look spacious so it can produce good lighting. The choice of furniture, in fact laundry has many shelves and clothes hangers. The location of the washing machine if possible for you and the room will not be a problem if you put the washing machine rather large or two at a time. But if you don’t have enough space, then you can put the washing machine in a multilevel front door model. It is possible for you to put the washing machine across the door, so you will not disturb your movements.


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