As the name suggests, the living room is a place designed to entertain guests, also often functioned as a gathering place for families. In addition to making your guests amazed and impressed, the beautiful and comfortable living room can soothe your heart and mind and your tired family after being tired of doing activities outside the home. In creating beauty and comfort you have to pay attention to several elements and some things like color, like furniture that you will put on the floor, and decorate what walls you will display. Various shapes and colors in one room. Although a minimalist design is synonymous with a neat impression and a slight variation in shape, it does not mean that it is a limitation for you to be creative. You can combine different types of sofas in one room. Pair the sofa that has a backrest with a backrest. Filling one room full of furniture is not a bad idea if you pay attention to the layout. Although narrow, make sure enough circulation space. Do not prevent you or guests from walking past the living room. The choice of colors of sofas, carpets, and walls that equally enhance the look of your minimalist living room. Add colorful paintings to keep your living room from being boring.

Rivet revolve modern upholstered sofa

With its clean lines, square armrests, and tall tapered legs, this modern sectional sofa exudes a minimalist charm that complements various decor styles. The versatility of the chaise allows you to move it to either end, accommodating your room layout while offering an additional seat for guests and company.

Let the room look spacious and spacious. Having a living room with a large size does not mean that it must be filled with various kinds of furniture. One large sofa is enough for a living room that gives a broad impression. Add a pillow that has a different color to the sofa. The sofa immediately looks sweeter and more colorful.

Throw Pillows

Designing a living room is such an important thing. Aside from being comfortable to use, the living room should be pleasant to the eye. A comfortable living room design with throw pillows can instantly elevate the overall aesthetic and coziness of the space. The addition of carefully chosen throw pillows not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides extra comfort and support for those relaxing moments on the couch.

Green plants in the living room. Not only so that the room feels fresh, green plants can also be used as a beautiful living room interior. Put it in a large vase and place it next to the sofa, or put it in a small vase and then store it in a wall shelf, next to another interior that further turns your minimalist living room. Living room next to the park. Do you have a large garden? Place your living room next to it. Add a large window so you can enjoy the beautiful view from your minimalist living room. Not only beautiful scenery, but the sunshine can also penetrate into it.

Floating Shelves

Making your living room neat arranged and organized can really bring a pleasant thing. One of the ways that you can do this is by adding storage to the living room. However, don’t choose storage that looks bulky for your living room. In this case, you can choose to install floating shelves. The sleek, simple, and modern look of the floating shelves will elevate your living room decor while giving extra storage.

Besides paying attention to the presence of plants in the room, you also need to pay attention to sunlight. Placing a large living room next to a window is the right choice to get a bright living room without having to spend a lot of electricity during the day. Add green plants that are large enough to give a fresh impression on your minimalist living room.

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