Commonly, the laundry room becomes something that people are not concerned about it and have no space for this, whereas, it is something important that has some laundry stuff to be stored in a feasible place and not only tucked in other appliances storage. Trust me if you can gather the washing machine with the softener, detergent, brush clothes, hanger, baskets, and more in one spot, it will be very effective and neat. Besides, you should know that having laundry space can give you advantages where you can raise your motivation to take care of your own clothes so that you can save your money and reduce the possibility of losing your clothes or broken clothes that may happen when you let other people do your laundry thing.

Anyway, laundry doesn’t need extra space as it will only spend a small area of your house. You just need space to place your washing machine and dirty clothes basket next to it. The basket itself could be in some different materials, you can choose one with rattan material, iron, plastic, wood, and more. Just pick the one that corresponds with your home style or personal taste. Then for the appliances, detergent, and more, you can install small cabinets, racks, or storage on the wall above the washing machine. Just like the basket, there are some materials that you can choose based on its characteristics. Paint it if you wish to have a color scheme for your laundry room.

The other important thing for your laundry room is extra hooks for you to hang your clothes in case you don’t have a spot to dry them in outdoor space, or if it comes to the seasons where you can’t hang your clothes outside. Don’t forget about the lighting. You don’t have to install something expensive here, just install something easy and simple not to make your small laundry room look too much.

Stay on this page and keep on looking at the pictures that we have prepared for you to show you some adorable laundry room designs. Hope you will find the one that inspires you the most!

Tiered Floating Rack from topzdesign


Vintage Rustic Laundry Room from homebnc


Natural Laundry Room from homebnc


Patterned Iron Backsplash from homebnc


Wooden Beams Ceiling from homebnc


Big Sliding Barn Door from homebnc

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