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53 Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas With Goose Feather


Since bedroom is not only as a rest room but also your private place to express your feeling, it is really worthy if you make it as pretty as possible by designing it with all you have including make it with luxurious things. Basically there are some factors that can make your bedroom into a luxurious look. It could be from the wall color, the lighting in expensive chandelier, the furniture like bed, rug, table, sofa, and more. Now that all of those things have been known by many people, it’s time for you to know about the other thing which perhaps you never thought before and has an ability to bring out luxurious impression yet very comfortable to be used, that is the goose feather things that may only owned by certain people since it is quite expensive.

Goose feather, on its implementation can be applied in certain things, and the most common is the white goose feather pillow with cooling ice silk cover. It is very comfortable and really works for your relaxing moment in your bed after your tiring day of working. Beside for its comfortable pad, it is also smooth that can bring out calmness feeling so that you can get peaceful from that. Goose feather light pendant will be the next feather thing that is commonly apllied for the bedroom. It is so much pretty yet very luxurious if you can bring that kind of lighting. With its feather things, the reflection of the light will be pretty even it can give you a romantic ambience that will be perfect for you who have married. Install the pendant lighting above your bed and get the perfect romantic night with your mate. We will give you some great goose feather bedroom decoration for your inspiration. Hope you can get the ideas and find the one that you love. Apply it into your bedroom and enjoy your luxurious private room!


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