Still confused by some problems living in an apartment where each room is generally narrow. Staying in an apartment is not easy, you have to be creative and creative to create a comfortable and not too crowded atmosphere. Except kitchens that tend to be narrow, apartment bathrooms also in general are a room with an average size of 2 x 1. Thus you must be able to create a comfortable atmosphere with a very minimalist size of space. To get this, you have to get a variety of inspirational models of modern minimalist bathroom styles and some tips.

Change the curtain partition to glass. It’s time to invest by adding frame less glass elements to partition dry wet areas. Thus, your bathroom will look wider and brighter. This glass panel is quite easy to install and also treat. You can install it from the bottom or hanging from the ceiling. But, avoid using sliding doors on glass panels because it will be difficult to clean. Minimalist shower, considering the small apartment bathroom you will find it difficult to use a bath up. It’s time to replace the bathtub or bathtub with a shower as a modern rinse medium. There are lots of shower models that you can find in the nearest building shop. Choose a minimalist design and apply it at a high enough point. Don’t forget, install the ceramic until it touches the shower wall so that there is a spacious and spacious impression on the bathroom. You can choose the type of ceramic from concrete stone material for a luxurious and timeless impression. The choice of ceramics, this will affect the comfort, safety and also resistance of your bathroom. So you have to have a strategy specifically in choosing the model and color of ceramics for a tiny bathroom.

For example, for color, choose a light colored wall to emit light and give the impression of relief. If the bathroom floor is dark, then choose a bright color on the wall area until it touches the ceiling. Then, make an accent wall with the installation of two ceramic colors combined. Creative installation techniques can make your bathroom look more attractive without being excessive. Maximize the vertical area, if you like to fill accessories or shelves in the bathroom, then use the vertical area as much as possible. Use walls to hang shelves, cabinets and towel rails to arrange your toiletries to look neat. Instead, choose an open hanging rack to make the room still feel relieved. The small bathroom does not necessarily make bathing activities uncomfortable, provided the arrangement is right.

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