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57 Inspiring Living Room Wall Design Ideas

Don’t forget wall decoration as one of the important elements in creating a beautiful interior design. Especially if you want to redecorate your minimalist living room to make it look more spacious, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Because, the living room is the main part that will be the first impression for anyone who stops. Wall decoration with paintings. Generally, many people make paintings as wall decorations, especially in the living room. The thing to note before you buy a painting for the living room is look at the shape of the frame and the color. In order to blend with the minimalist concept, you should choose a simple painting frame without a lot of carvings and ornaments.

Another wall decoration that can be applied to a minimalist living room is a sticky shelf. With this wall decoration, your living room will look more beautiful. Not only serves as an aesthetic value, paste shelves are also functionally useful. You can find various types and shapes of unique wooden shelves that can be used as wall hangings. For example, wooden shelves in the form of trees and their branches. With this outboard shelf decoration you can adjust the shape of the shelf to the width of your wall, whether you will install it vertically or horizontally. On this wall decoration, you can display a variety of objects, ranging from displays, collectibles, favorite books, action figures, and others. Another choice of wall hangings that you can consider is painting a wall or covering it with wallpaper. This one wall decoration is one alternative that is quite cheap and easy to beautify your living room. Adjust the wallpaper motif with themes and furniture in the living room. The last is, Wall decoration with various figure models. Do you have family photos? now you can capture every moment of the family by attaching a lot of frames to the walls of your guests.

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