The decision to live in an apartment with limited space may not be a mistake. It’s just that you have to be good at organizing every room you need, like the kitchen room. This room is one of the most important rooms and must be in every house. because you will spend a little or a lot of time there. In organizing a relatively minimalist apartment kitchen space some expertise is needed. Group kitchen equipment according to type. We recommend that plates, glasses and dining ware be placed in one adjacent area. It will be better if it is between the serving and dining area, so that your mobility will be more efficient. Likewise with pots, pans, cooking knives, kitchen spices, and the like. Place it close to the stove to facilitate the cooking process.

For a large pan or pan, it should be placed below so that it is easily taken. Aside from being a cupboard cover, the door can also place the lid on the lid with a flat shaped buffer. This system is very good because you can stack the pot inside. Smaller pots can be put in a larger pan and so on. With the pan lid placed on the door, the area will be more maximal. Maximize the sink bottom. Sink drain pipes that turn often waste storage space. For this reason, U-shaped storage that follows space can be very effective for storing sponges, washing dishes, wipes, brushes, or soaps. Pull out the swivel storage for the kitchen corner. This stacked shelf fits perfectly at the corner of the table because it will fill the “dead” space to the maximum when the door is closed. When you pull the shelf door, this pull out swivel will come out optimally so you have no trouble reaching inside. Similar to the pull out swivel concept that makes it easy for you to pick up items. When using a shelf, you usually tend to put items that are rarely used on the inside. In fact, sometimes you forget to have it because it’s not visible. Using a drawer, each corner will be easily accessible. Maximize the vertical area so that not all items line up to the side, then stack up. Choose also items that are displayed on the top shelf and next to the window so that it is multifunctional as a display, for example a bottle or a cute jar. If necessary, provide a ladder or stool to facilitate access. Choose a model that is interestingly designed too.

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