Designing a landscape flower garden is recommended. In building a special garden with limited space, you must have unlimited creativity so that it will create a stunning dream garden. A true park is dominated by green. Green areas on narrow land should be given a barrier so as not to block the path. But this area must also stand out, so that it fits the function of decorating the house. Can be done by placing plants in concrete pots that are made higher than the ground level. Plants in pots can make a very narrow front yard more attractive. Likewise, some plants are planted in the same pot (miniature garden). Keep in mind that garden miniatures require special care.

Aesthetic arrangements are the key to turning narrow land into a charming garden. In addition to dividing land for green areas, also provide a place to relax. The pergola serves as a place to relax, as well as an element that can beautify the garden itself. The terrace, front yard and space around the entrance can also be used as land for a small park. A garden that will provide freshness for anyone who wants to enter the house. The combination of several elements, namely wood, stone and plants. Decide where these elements are placed, then the charming little garden can be yours. Plant one type of plant with close proximity to bring a green feel in the side yard of the house.

Walls can create a stiff and narrow impression. Disguise his presence by planting a group of flowers and shrubs along the wall. Narrow land in a narrow area will be more attractive if arranged with a balanced composition. The plot of land is divided into three parts, and the right and left are planted with grass. The rest of the land is used to arrange the stones according to their color and size. Here are some examples of pictures of front yard design ideas for summer that you can use as references in your home. Check them!

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Pink blooming flowers on this front yard decoration will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Meanwhile, green plants will bring freshness at the same time. Pink Blooming Flower from @the_luminous_garden

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Some potted flowers such as lavender and other plants arranged at the front door will present a beautiful display in summer. Neatly arranged make it managed to steal the attention and very inspiring. Potted Flower Display from @the_luminous_garden

3 snapinsta.app_272885041_722454168738244_3641310003722594457_n_1080

Look at these front yards! The display of green grass, greenery and flowers will make your front yard look fresh even in summer. Pathways made using concrete will make your garden look more orderly. Concrete garden pathway from @thegardeningspirit

4 snapinsta.app_13584219_595164313992417_1389164957_n_1024

So pretty ! This front yard features a red blooming flower which will make it look beautiful and attractive in summer. Equipped with garden edging makes it look more perfect. Red Blooming Flower from @flowerholica

5 snapinsta.app_62624649_2273943579356964_8157110516617528196_n_1080

Perfect in summer ! This garden has a beautiful expanse of lavender that will make your summer garden look more real. Meanwhile, several other types of flower and greenery will work together to display their respective charms. Lavender from @marianne_sorich_francis

6 snapinsta.app_347047371_480268110921964_3720726454981889659_n_1080

This front yard has many types of plants so it will present a festive look. The garden path made using this stone will add to the perfection of your garden. Mix plants from @hgtv

7 snapinsta.app_344786685_1625805041232783_2370047828463552730_n_1080

Simple but still perfect in summer! This garden has several plants such as lavender and others so it looks beautiful. Complete with a stone garden bed so it will make your front yard look more perfect. Stone Garden Edging from @redstemnativelandscapes

8 snapinsta.app_334101554_6134310863272914_3492088538677438259_n_1080

The green grass in the front yard will be the perfect background. Meanwhile, some other plants and stones will add beauty to your front yard and successfully provide freshness in the summer. Green Grass from @baunlandscapes

9 snapinsta.app_348952284_973894193766166_1448378801623976689_n_1080

Simple but still perfect! The combination of green grass and gravel that is displayed in the front yard will present a different beauty than usual. While other plants will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Gravels Garden from @shortboss_shortboss

10 snapinsta.app_344378053_122936957448333_6978109088968219368_n_1080

Look at these front yards! There are only a few plants is one characteristic of the summer season. Meanwhile, the pathway will make your front yard look prettier without overdoing it. Summer Front yard garden from @robavery_realestate

11 snapinsta.app_59719823_801508926915547_9013682561922822939_n_1080

This front yard has colorful blooming flowers which will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Pathways and fences will add perfection to your front yard garden. Colorful Flower from @betterhomesandgardens

12 snapinsta.app_117367717_320921689341277_5951850924860064535_n_1080

It’s a summer front yard! Here there are many types of green plants that will present a beautiful and refreshing look. Some herbs are also grown there so the front yard looks amazing. Greenery Garden from @bigfamilyliving

13 snapinsta.app_81907776_185634032666844_3424959005738371603_n_1080

Beautiful ! This front yard has a round fish pond so it looks more attractive. Colorful flowers on the edge of the fish pond will make it look prettier and livelier. Round Fishpond from @climapod

14 snapinsta.app_82389221_472924843584977_5162707514235342455_n_1080

This front yard has a stretch of green grass and greenery which will present a refreshing look. Meanwhile, blooming flowers will present a beautiful and stunning summer look. Blooming flower and Green grass from @gardenmarketonline

15 snapinsta.app_89382052_560637061208117_4198256778659894083_n_1080

Having a wave design makes this front yard look attractive and inspiring. Greenery and white flower accents will work together to add beauty to your front yard area. Large front yard from @gardenmarketonline

16 snapinsta.app_101658721_254888925830275_4259289297772702789_n_1080

Filled with colorful flower front yard, it looks very pretty and festive. Stone garden path will make your garden look more perfect and managed to inspire. Beautiful Blooming flower from @gardenmarketonline

17 snapinsta.app_36085567_401317700379327_2278320231715700736_n_1080

Lavender, greenery and other boom flowers will exude natural beauty that is perfect so that it will make the front yard look stunning. In addition, a stretch of green grass will present a better view. Orange Accent from @angiegoldberger

18 snapinsta.app_72265614_217638815892316_8646438715695716271_n_1080

Having a natural look makes this front yard look perfect. Fishpond made using stone material looks extraordinary. While greenery will provide a refreshing natural beauty. Natural Themed from @earth.works

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