If you have been fixated on various models and styles of flower vases, most of which use ceramic, glass, or plastic base materials, there are now new and unique flower vases. Judging from the material and style of the flower vase it is different from the others which are usually from fragile material. Wooden flower vase. This wooden flower place gives a new inspiration in the world of furniture that has been tended to with the flower vase.

This wooden flower box provides an opportunity for you to be able to make your own flower arrangements according to your imagination and imagination so you can adjust your home’s room decoration needs. You can make a wooden flower box that is very simple and even difficult. In fact, you can use used wood or intentionally make it with new wood. The color of the wooden flower box is actually neutral to the color of the wood itself so that it shows the impression of a natural and rustic style. Wooden flower boxes are not only suitable for you to put in a modern room. Farmhouse style houses can also.

Not only that, can you make this wooden flower box suitable for the place you will decorate. Wooden boxes can adjust the size of a table, corner or even a garden outside the window or outside the house. It is also possible for you to model wooden boxes as you wish, whether it is a rectangle, square, circle or even a unique model. You can enter various kinds of flowers there without having to think about the flexibility of the box. Who would have thought that the material that was not worn would give the perfect beauty.

This idea may not be widely known by many people, but if you want to try it, try looking for various inspirations here starting from the size, color or shape of the wooden box as you want.

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