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47 Versatile Boxes Decoration Ideas that You Can Use in Your Home


Have you ever thought of an interior design with a variety of cheap but memorable luxury wooden boxes. Various sizes and colors from the box give a unique impression in your room. Besides providing additional decoration, the idea of ​​a wooden box interior can also provide great benefits in storage. Besides being an elegant decoration, it is also useful. Who does not like decoration as well as a container to store objects or knack-knacks home such as figurines, souvenir flowers, or as a bookcase. You can use a wooden box that is unused to store shoes and make it an attractive and simple shelf. You can also customize colors as you wish. Color can be adjusted to the color of the room when storing the shoe rack. So that the shoes scattered outside can you trim into the shelf.

You can use a large wooden box to store whatever items are inside the house. This versatile place can be designed as a floating shelf or can be stored on the floor like an ordinary cupboard like stored in a kitchen, dining room, or even a bedroom for room accessories. In addition to valuables, wooden boxes can also be made into ornaments and can be stored in the living room or family room with many other furniture. In addition to deviating items, you can make wooden boxes as a table too. Combine with the decorations of sea animals and make them as beautiful and attractive as possible. The table is not always made of glass or carved wood to make it look more elegant, but only with a table from a used wooden box you can change the room to be more comfortable. Give a little color paint and wood fiber does not need to be covered in thick. Precisely with fine paint, the impression given is more vintage and unique. If the previous interior is a decoration that is stored on the floor by completing a living room or family room, now your room or any room can be given wall decorations such as a floating shelf with a medium size box and not too large. Your personal collection items can be stored there such as dolls, photos, pencil cases, books. In essence, this used wooden box can be used to store anything.


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