Rustic can be interpreted as rude or rural. So home decor with a rustic style can be interpreted as a decoration in a natural, natural design and inspired by country houses. Natural and natural impressions are obtained from real wood material with a touch that looks rough and natural. A la rustic home decor really emphasizes the natural impression through material that is not smoothed or gets a touch of finishing like paint, wood paint. Besides that, rustic is more likely to use more natural ingredients such as stone, wood, and so on. Together with a rustic touch in a modern-style decor, a room can look unique while having character. Even with rustic decorations, a room can also increasingly show the identity of the owner.

To conjure up a living room into a rustic style room, you can coat the floor of the living room with oriental rugs or cow leather rugs. Add also ethnic concept decorations, such as for shelves or wall hangings used. Utilizing large-sized furniture can confirm the impression of rustic in the living room, but it should be noted that the design of the furniture used must remain simple. While the color applied to get the impression of rustic is more simple and monochromatic. Wood and natural stone are believed to be the strongest aspects featuring a la rustic decoration. From a combination of wood and natural stone, the room looks dark and heavy.

The main key to home decor is rustic style, especially for living rooms, namely furniture or floral decorations. Make sure you don’t forget to place a flower display in several corners of the living room. Rustic nuances are generally made from natural materials, such as clay pottery, bamboo furniture, and hanging with other natural ingredients. Artwork produced from pieces of wood, tree roots, coconut shells and much more also includes a choice of accessories that can strengthen the rustic style.

Rustic-style living rooms are generally more dominant using a touch of brown and you can add other color choices to make the room seem softer. Examples such as using dark green, lime, golden yellow or terracotta. The selection of furniture for the living room is rustic, which is furniture made from wood without finishing or finishing. Even though it is left rough, the impression is stronger. The choice of furniture referred to here can be applied as a chair, table or other furniture such as wall decorations, figures, or paintings and other decorative ornaments that you want to be placed in the living room.

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