Hear the word ‘bohemian’, one thing you need to know is something that is free, random, colorful, simple but has high art. Not only through fashion, but bohemian can also be applied through decoration. If we are looking for a definite character from a bohemian style, the answer is nothing. All are made spontaneously and utilize whatever objects are there. However, there are distinctive features in the bohemian style. Bohemian style is a style that is colorful and mixed with ethnic styles, hippies and also vintage.

As explained above, the bohemian style is identical with colorful and vintage styles. So in decorating the room, choose furniture and other items that have bright and varied colors. Place the stick rattan lounge chair, ottoman pouf cover, bohemian throw pillow cover and boho rug in the living room to make it look elegant. Make your family room more beautiful with unique items in the form of accessories. There are many choices of accessories that you can bring into the bohemian style living room, such as plants, paintings, and colorful fabric motifs.



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This gre3en sofa which is equipped with a patterned pillow will make your living room decoration look perfect with a bohemian touch. The carpet lying under the coffee table will become a real bohemian accent and provide comfort. Boho Carpet and Throw Pillow from @katepearcevintage

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Look at this living room! This wooden coffee table with carvings is perfect for a bohemian decor. Stool, carpet and throw pillows will reinforce the bohemian decor in this living room. Bohemian Coffee Table from @ksiazek_klaudia

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Look at this bedroom decor! Equipped with wall ornaments will make the walls look more prominent. The bed is complemented by patterned throw pillows that make it look very festive and perfect for a bohemian theme. Bohemian Wall decor from @mal_wingostarrjewelry

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Not only furniture! Hanging plants in the living room area will make your boho decor look fresh and lively. Then you can add furniture and home accessories with bold nuances so that they look perfect. House plant everywhere from @lillithortiz

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This red sofa will be the main piece of furniture in this living room and is perfect for a boho decor idea. The owner added a patterned pillow on the sofa so it would look perfect. Red Sofa with Patterned Pillow from @noemionebohostreet

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Letter L sofa in brown nuances combined with this rattan coffee table can never fail for bohemian decor ideas. Coupled with some boho-style wall hangings, this living room will look extraordinary. Rattan Coffe Table from @katjamarsch

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Rugs are one of the home accessories that will never fail to complement your home decor. This time you can use a patterned rug to complete your boho style living room decor so it will look extraordinary. Patterned Rug from @brighteyesanddreamyspaces

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This living room looks amazing in a bohemian style! A sofa with patterned pillows will give you a boho look and comfort at the same time. Then you can add a wicker basket on the wall so it will make it the perfect focal point. Wicker basket wall decor from @brighteyesanddreamyspaces

12 snapinsta.app_1080_50585231_569864080153904_242312795402992000_n

To complete the bohemian decor, this time you can use boho-style home accessories. striped carpet, patterned pillow and sofa cover will add perfection to this living room. Bohemian Home Accessories from @bohemtolia

13 snapinsta.app_1080_62238185_2330313107206901_923288223192420127_n

This living room has white tones so it looks clean and bright. This white sofa with boho style throw pillows looks stunning. Coupled with some boho wall decor and pendant lights, this living room looks amazing with a boho style. Boho Livingroom from @steelesells

14 snapinsta.app_1080_136967756_698861847480032_8844423389095516659_n

The patterned carpet that lies beneath the sofa will give a touch of boho and comfort at the same time. Then you can also complete the sofa with patterned pillows so that it will look extraordinary. Boho Pattern carpet and pillow from @mybohojunglebook

15 snapinsta.app_1080_94636034_159999048817524_2802594858249086345_n

This wall hanging is made using yarn material so it is suitable for a bohemian theme. Having a colorful theme will make it look beautiful and extraordinary. Hanging it on the wall will make it the perfect focal point. Wall Hanging from @bohome.design

16 snapinsta.app_1080_246903711_400637441599084_8276797158788521489_n

Having a colorful theme, this bedroom looks cheerful and unintentionally presents a bohemian look. Patterned carpet, macrame chandelier and wall art will work together to complete the boho decor in this bedroom. Colorful Themed from @colorful_kimmes

17 snapinsta.app_1080_207860755_3008573656131489_468064249431432622_n

Extraordinary ! This headboard with a rich pattern stands out and is a great bohemian decor idea. Not only that, patchwork bedding and patterned carpet will add perfection to the boho decor in your bedroom. Boho Headboard from @lola.decor

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This blue wall will be a bright and beautiful background for a bohemian style. The owner has some patterned wicker baskets on the wall so it will make your boho decor look amazing. Bohemian Wall Gallery from @justsaysk

19 snapinsta.app_1080_97214078_1128588274182727_279451088129898930_n

This bright accent piece of furniture stands out and is the perfect complement to a bohemian-style décor. Then you can complement it with boho rugs, house plants and other color touches so it will look extraordinary. Bright Nuance from @artifactpdx

20 snapinsta.app_1080_110183498_312685026585050_7495281921896632882_n

Perfect ! This bedroom has a rich pattern on the furniture and bedroom accecories so that it looks perfect for a bohemian decor. Coupled with several potted plants to make it look fresh and beautiful. Rich pattern bedroom accessories from @anacassandraflores

1 snapinsta.app_1080_274237948_472575744524111_1037542348439052800_n

This leather sofa will be the main furniture in this living room. Equipped with a patterned pillow will make it successful in presenting a bohemian look and also provide comfort at the same time. Bohemian Throw Pillow from @bohoabodeonline

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Simple but perfect. The wall hanging made using this yarn manages to present an attractive boho look. Having a large enough size makes it a perfect focal point. Yarn Wall hanging from @sea.woven

3 snapinsta.app_1080_241276039_575263893513452_6821569669478355061_n

This home office has a boho theme but still looks simple. The owner uses a circle-shaped rug with a bohomian style, and some bohemian-style pots as well so that this home office looks attractive. Macrame Wall Hanging and Boho Carpet from @colorful_4u

Another characteristic of bohemian style interiors is the use of unique knick-knacks ornaments such as colorful cushions, driftwood jewelry, wood dream catchers, beads and brass jewelry, etc. These items can be perfect wall hangings and impress your guests. For those of you who like to indulge in the home page, you can decorate it by placing attractive beads jewelry and brass. Bohemian style birthday party decorations can also be done, you can simply apply a wonderful ornament for bohemian home decoration with a white dream catcher as a backdrop.

Designing a bohemian style house certainly makes your home feel more unique, fun and has artistic value. The characteristics of free and close to nature are presented as a unity in bohemian design. This design is perfect for those of you who are spiritually expressive and love freedom. Good luck,

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