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35 Simple Decoration for Your Narrow Home Space


Having a narrow home space is almost become everybody’s problem these days. It is because we have to face the limitation terrain problem in this era that we have to be able to juggle our small home into the functional one in any room and space. You don’t need to be worried on the possibility of this effort because the growth of the interior design can give you more than solution to make your home cozy and appropriate to live in because there will be so many different choices that you can apply to your home.

Basically the main point to create a proper room when you have the narrow one is on the simple decoration and don’t ever think to make it crowded because the impression that will be shown won’t be good and will only make your narrow space looks more tight. Before we talk about it more, you can look at the following pictures first so that you can have the vision of the different ways in juggling your narrow home space into the appropriate one.

Well-worked window treatments.
Applying large window in the small space can make the room looks more larger
Wall-mounted pot rack.
Wall-mounted pot rack.
Utilize the area under the stairway.
Utilize the area under the stairway for storage idea.
Soma fremont square arm upholstered sofa.
Simple two seat sofa is the best choice for furniture in the small space.
Sawyer mocha leaning wine bar.
Sawyer mocha leaning wine bar.
Rustic wall mounted shelves.
Rustic wall mounted shelves.
Rainier galvanized storage cart.
Rainier galvanized storage cart.
Best wall shelf.
Best wall shelf.
Sofa to store goods.
Sofa to store goods.
Monroe trades clothing rack.
Minimalist round table.
Mid century pop up coffee table.
Mid century pop up coffee table.
Multi functional coffee table and can be used for storage at once
Make your walls work overtime.
Multi functional cabinet on the wall that can be used as desk at the same time
Hang your drapes as high as you can.
White storage cabinet for toys storage place.
Elegant rattan chairs for simple small corner homes.
Simple furniture and big window to make the room look larger.
Create a shoe closet
Create a shoe closet to store your shoe collections
Clever kitchen storage.
Clever separator in the kitchen that can be used for kitchen storage.
An interesting build in a buffet.
Wooden shelves in the kitchen.
An incredible homework helper.
An incredible home office
An impressive multipurpose space.
An impressive multipurpose space.
An extraordinary charley c-side table.
A flexible iron table for small living room design
An exciting shelf under the stairs.
Smart and simple home office under the stair
An awesome bathroom storage.
An awesome bathroom storage.
An attractive keep it light.
White theme and large window for good lighting in the living room
An amazing industrial storage hall stand.
An amazing industrial with multi functional purposes.
An adorable modernize the medicine cabinet.
An adorable wooden storage in the bathroom.
A wonderful beneath the stairs
White shelves under the stair
A stunning furnitur double-duty.
Minimalist living room that merge with TV room
A fabulous display artwork strategically.
Simple furniture and bookshelves for small home design
A creative curtain divider.
A creative curtain divider as separator for dining room and living room.
A beautiful home office nook.
Utilize the nook for home office

You can see that the way to decorate the narrow home space is by making some efforts to create any stuff that is available at your room to be multi functional. It means that you can make use the things for more that one utilization so that all your needs for a living can be overcome. Moreover, you can also play with the color scheme of your rooms. IT is better for you not to use too many complicated colors. Use the simple and bright one so that you can have wider illusion of your room.

The other thing that can’t be ignored in creating a wider impression for your narrow home space is your home lighting. Lighting can serve you with a good impression if you can provide the right one. Commonly bright lighting can provide wider room impression, so don’t forget to take a good care of it. For the detail decoration, you can adapt it by using those pictures above as your guide. Good luck with your decoration!

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