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31 Best Ways to Make Use Your Basement into Well Decorated Room


A basement is a place or room in the house that is often overlooked by us. This area is usually a space that we rarely clean it. Basement actually has the potential to be a comfortable room for activities. This area is not on the main floor of your house, so this room is very private and quiet. That’s why you have to renovate this room to be a comfortable and pleasant place. Here are some basement ideas that you can try.

To eliminate the scary and dark impression of the basement, you can create the atmosphere of this room into an attractive and more pleasant space. Have a simple mini bar in your house that you can apply to the basement. Add a bar table, wooden chairs, and wall shelves to put drinks. If you want a mini bar look classic, make a wall made of bricks. Or you can also add a sofa and pool table to make it more comfortable.

White basement with white bar, white walls, white chairs and wooden table
A white basement for home mini bar with simple design
Pub style basement bar with a beautiful brick backdrop
Pub style basement bar with classic brick walls
Modern basement with bar and living room
Large basement for home mini bar that merge with living room
Green basement with bar, wooden chairs and green walls
Dark basement for private home mini bar with wooden touch decoration
Classic basement bar design with a pool table
Classic basement bar design with a pool table
Modern and large basement with bar in red decoration
Basement with yellow light in bar and white sofa ideas
Basement with yellow light for decorative lighting in the home bar
Basement with wooden bar and hanging lamps
Rustic basement with wooden bar and hanging lamps for decorative lighting
Basement with white bar and modern lighting
Classic basement design with stone, brick and wood touch for design that used for home bar
Basement with blue billiard place and modern bar
A large basement with blue billiard place and modern bar
Basement with black bar and orange sofa
A small basement with mini black bar and orange chairs in classic decoration
Basement with bar, white sofa and white wool carpet
A large basement that functioned for living room and mini home bar, completed with modern square fire place.
Basement makeove with stone wall, iron, and wooden chairs
A basement makeover with stone wall and wooden chairs to create rustic design
Basement hangout with bar, wine cellar, and gray latter l sofa
A large basement with stone walls and modern small fire place are to be used for family room that completed with an L-shaped sofa and mini home bar
Basement bar with a foosball table and relaxed hangout
Large basement with wooden vinyl floor and white walls are to be used for mini home bar and for playing area completed with a food ball table and relaxed hangout
Basement bar design with smart lighting decoration
Basement bar design with smart lighting decoration
Basement bar complete with a wine cellar
Basement bar completed with a wine cellar
Basement bar and living decoration
Large modern basement is to be used for living room that merge home bar with classic touch decoration

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Basement for bowling rooms
Large basement for bowling rooms
Basement for watching movies and combined with a u-shaped sofa
Large basement for home theater with an U-shaped sofa
Basement living room with small roun table, sofa and unique wall ideas
Basement living room with small round table, sofas and luxury purple wall paper idea
Basement move room with pink sofa and modern lighting
Large basement with perfect round decorative lighting on the ceiling, pattern wall paper in orange color and large pink sofa bed for family room
Basement white bedroom, black soffa and round table
White basement bedroom with black sofa, round table and bookshelves behind the bed
Basement with a living room combined with a white fireplace
Dark basement for a living room with a white stone fireplace
Basement with billiards and gaming areas
Large basement with billiards and playing area
Basement with colorful sofa and big tv
Large basement for home theater with colorful sofa and big TV
Basement with gym room decoration
A basement for gymnastic room
Basement with small hanging lamps, smal round white table and gray carpet
Grey basement with an L-shaped grey sofa, grey carpet, small round table and white hanging decorative lighting
Basement with stone bar, roun white table, black chairs and unique hanging lamps
Large basement with stone walls is to be used for dining room, home bar and living room
Basement with white latter l sofa and bar decoration
White basement for living room, kitchen and completed with tennis table
Basement with white liwing room and bar decoration
Basement with white living room and small modern fireplace

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If you and your family like watching movies, you can also make the basement into a private cinema. With minimal lighting, this is very suitable. Place a home theater with a colorful sofa and big TV in the basement. Surely your watching activities will also be more focused because you will not be disturbed by the various activities of other family members in the house. For those of you who have a lot of budgets, you can change your basement into a room for fitness or a bowling room.

Basements can be used for various other rooms. Like a lounge or private room for the family. Your basement will be more lively and fun, far from being scary. You can move the playroom from the top floor to the basement. You can put a pool table or other stuff. This will make you have a more private playroom. The noise that often arises from the room when you are playing will not be heard and will not disturb your neighbors. And the most important thing is having a basement that has been renovated properly and you will not be confused looking for a place to relax.

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