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20 Most Lovely Nursery Room Ideas for Your First Baby Born


To have your first baby born is such a blessing and exciting moment. It will be really worthy if you prepare all the things well especially for the nursery room because it will be the most important thing for your new nursery life. Give your total effort for this project to welcome your really first born. To do the project, better for you to know your baby gender so that you can adjust the design room.

When the gender have known, you can move to the design ideas then. To give you inspiration, we have prepared some of the design ideas that are really lovely and awesome to be offer for your baby. We divide the designs into two parts those are for the baby boys and baby girls. You can check the references out based on your baby gender, personal taste, and budgeting plan.


Baby Girls Nursery Room

Baby Girl Nursery Room with rabbit theme and unique pattern wallpapper
Cute Baby Girl Nursery Room with goose accents for wall decorations and star-shaped pillows so the baby will feels comfortable while sleeping
Cute Baby Girl Nursery Room with stripped concepts in white and pink. By applying it to your baby’s bed and the ceiling the nursury room will look cheerful.
Cute pink baby girls nursery room that applied on the walls and the mattress inside the baby cot sheets is also in pink nuance.
Pink and gray baby girl nursey room ideas with wooden white baby bed and photo gallery, small butterfly as wall decoration of the room
Queen Baby Girls Nursery Room with crown accent on the wall, white mosquito net, and wooden white bed with pink ribbons accent for your baby girl
Simple and neat Baby Girls Nursery Room with wooden white bed and storage , baby mosquito nets to protect your baby while sleeping
Luxury Baby Girls Nursery Room with wooden white bed, floral wallpaper, and floor lamp for decorative light in the room
Cute white baby girl nursery room ideas with wooden white bed that has wheels underneath so its easy to move
White Baby Girls Nursery Room with hanging baby mosquito nets and decorative lighting like the moon and stars to keep calm impression

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Baby Boys Nursery Room

Cozy Baby Boys Nursery Room with unique pattern rug and some toys to fill the room for your boy
Cute nursery for Baby Boys with whale-themed that applied in a blanket, bed sheets, towel, and toys for your baby boy
Large Baby Boys Nursery Room with white and blue color, airplane toys that attached to the wall, and tiered rack for toys storage
Large bright Baby Boys Nursery Room with white wooden bed, big round rug in start pattern to make more comfortable
Large nursery room for Baby Boys with cars theme wallpaper to look cool
Large nursery room for Baby Boys with grey wooden bed, plaid chairs to relax the parents while waiting for the baby to sleep
A monochrome Baby Boys Nursery Room with white wooden bed for baby, and wooden storage to store various ornaments
Simple modern Baby Boys Nursery Room with wooden white bed, classy wallpaper, and decorative lighting for impression look
simple nursery for Baby Boys with airplane for decoration on the wall and floor lamp for decorative lighting
Unique nursery room for Baby Boys with a marine theme, white wooden pallet wall, and big shark knit doll

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You can see the difference of the colors scheme that are used in our nursery rooms above. For the girls the colors that are used mostly in soft colors or dominated with pink. Although there are also some white color scheme that are used there, but it is ok! because white is a neutral color that can applied for both girls and boys. For the boys room, the colors will be in blue, green, grey, black, and more. Choose the one that will make your mood well.

For the nursery room, what you need to concern beside for its color scheme is the furniture. The most important furniture will be the baby’s bed box. There are so many designs and materials that you can choose, just adjust with your budget and need. Then you will need storage to store your baby’s clothes and stuffs like diaper, oil, and more. Don’t forget to provide chairs and table to facilitate yourself when doing the breast feeding and chilling with your baby.

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