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20 Awesome Christmas Tree Decoration for Your Early Preparation


Christmas is almost here, it’s time to start decorating our house and get ready to welcome Santa Claus. Decorating a Christmas tree is an activity that encourages us to spend time with family. Every year the tree looks different and it’s always fun to improve and come up with new ideas. The decoration might remain the same but the way they display is always different.


White Christmas Tree

The tree is the main accessory in decorating. Not just a tree, the size, and type of the tree will affect the ornaments to the elements needed. This is because choosing a hanger needs to be adjusted to the color that matches the tree. You can choose a glam white Christmas tree with decorative lighting and gold bell ornaments for decorating your living room. Height and shorts will also be influential. If you want a durable tree, using an artificial Christmas tree can also be an option so you can use it for years to come.

all-white christmas tree with pastel metallic ornaments to look chic and refined
glam white Christmas tree with decorative lighting and gold bell ornament for decorating your living room
minimalist christmas tree with gold and copper bell ornament that adorns the pine tree
pure white Christmas tree looks amazing with bluebell ornaments of various shades and snow ornaments at the top
vintage white Christmas tree with decorative lighting and star ornaments of small and large sizes
vintage white Christmas tree with gold ornaments and a beautiful garland overcoat
white Christmas tree decorated in blue and silver bell with frost and star ornament at the top
white Christmas tree with ball ornament and decorative lighting for your living room
white Christmas tree with various ornaments hung on the tree and whimsy white, black and gold decor
white tree with soft pastel bell ornaments and pinecones for balanced decor in your living room

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Green Christmas Tree

No matter how big or small your Christmas tree is, this Christmas decoration will be the center of attention for your family at Christmas. For a green Christmas tree, you can decorate it with a rustic theme. The rustic atmosphere is still a trend. The concept of raw and simple is the hallmark of this one decoration style. With neutral decorations and wooden textures, your Christmas atmosphere will feel more natural and casual.

green Chrismast tree with red bell ornament led lighting and rattan basket for Christmas tree container
Green Christmas tree decoration with lots of ornaments in snow ornament, bell ornament, deer ornament, and star ornament for you to know while celebrating merry Christmas
Green Christmas tree with gold bell ornament and red crepe paper to decorate the tree to create interesting
green Christmas tree with gold bell ornament, white flower ornament and wrapped in pink magenta fabric to decorate the tree to look beautiful
green Christmas tree with unique bell ornament pattern, small snow ornament, and star ornament at the top to make it more attractive for living room decoration
Green Christmas tree with various gift boxes to decorate your living room in the corner
Green Christmas tree with various ornaments such as bell ornament, socks ornament, and a merry Christmas greeting from paper
A paper candle that was hung on the green Christmas tree as an ornament that adorns the tree and the top big star for additional ornament
Small green Christmas tree with pine ornaments, snow ornament and large ribbon at the top to beautify the tree decorations
Green christmas tree decoration with various ornaments that are characteristic of Christmas and wrapped in white crepe paper to make it interesting

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If you like the green Christmas tree, you must be familiar with the colorful theme Christmas tree decorations. This is a decoration that is often applied for the Christmas tree because it looks simple but colorful. With the colorful decorations, make your Christmas tree look lively. You can use brightly colored ribbons around the tree, plus a variety of ornaments that are blue, gold, red, green, silver and others. For other Christmas tree decoration ideas are green Christmas tree with gold bell ornament, white flower ornament and wrapped in pink magenta fabric to decorate the tree to look beautiful.

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