Home is a place to unwind and also a place to interact with other family members. One of the places that you often use is the living room. The living room is an important meeting place and can be a place that reflects your home. In order to make your home more comfortable, you must pay more attention to the design of the room. That’s why a family room should be conceptualized as a special room that comes with a modern design and composition that is different from other rooms


Modern Furniture

Everyone has a difference in choosing colors for their furniture. There are some people who might prefer bright color games, there are also some people who prefer softer colors or even some who prefer basic colors like white or neutral. Modern furniture designs dominate the market, this has happened because the public prefers the style of modern furniture that is luxurious and elegant.

contemporary living room design with light gray sofa, white coffee table at the bottom to store books and modern chairs to relax for your inspiration
Cute footstool as a table in your living room and light gray sofa to create a full-color room
modern living room design with brown leather sofa, large wooden coffee table and round table to store table lamp beside the sofa to make it feel cool
modern living room design with gray sofa, unique chair for relaxing in the living room and coffee table from glass
monochrome living room design with light gray sofa, large unique coffee table and firepit in your home to warm this season
white sofa and square coffee table for inspiration decorating your living room and glass table to put some table lamp

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Modern Lighting

Besides choosing the right and comfortable interior, family rooms also require optimal lighting. This was done to support various activities in this room. This room also requires special lighting to support special activities in it, such as reading books, playing games, watching TV and other activities that are still in the category of special activities. In addition, there are also decorative objects that also decorate the room. You can create decorative lighting with unique sconces for decorating your living room to provide good lighting.

decorative lighting with fans combined with lights to provide good lighting in the modern living room
decorative lighting with unique sconces for decorating your living room to provide good lighting
good living room lighting with a unique black chandelier can add lighting and attractive accessories in your room
modern gold floor lamp to provide good lighting in your living room
modern living room design with multiple ceiling light to provide good lighting
Unique sputnik chandelier provides good lighting and one of the modern accessories in your living room you must have

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Modern Ornament

In order to make the family room is more beautiful and cheerful, you can bring some ornaments into the room. One of the ornaments that you can apply is ceramics. The ceramic is one of the valuable parts for home decoration which has a minimalist, modern or luxurious concept. Ceramics for the selected living room must be adjusted to the taste and character of the people who inhabit the dwelling and also be adjusted to the color of the living room. Or you can also make a hanging ladder rack to store a variety of modern ornaments to decorate your minimalist living room.

decoration hanging ladder rack to store a variety of modern ornaments to decorate your minimalist living room
modern flower vase living room ornaments with unique silver and white carvings for decorating your living room table
modern living room ornaments yellow ceramic vases with unique motifs to make it look fancy for decorating your living room
silver vases modern flower ornament to decorate your living room to make it look glamorous
small ornament of a uniquely white form to decorate the coffee table in your living room
wooden candle holder for decoration coffee table in your living room and hexagon iron ornament

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Neutral Color Scheme

One that can make a family room beautiful and comfortable is the color of the family room paint. The combination of family room paint colors with colors on all elements supporting its interior design, such as the color of furniture, decoration and also carpet or floor will make the family room look more harmonious and elegant. Many color themes can be applied in a family room. One of the interesting colors is a soft white sofa and square wooden coffee table combined with wooden flooring to inspire your neutral color scheme living room.

Neutral Color Scheme living room design with velvet light grey sofa, table, velvet rug to create a cozy room and warm
Neutral Color Scheme living room with paisley print sofa and rustic cabinet that decorates in your living room
Neutral living room gray color with some matching ornaments such as cabinets and light gray sofa to inspire your living room
Neutral living room with a pink accent color and copper ornaments to decorate your living room which makes it comfortable
neutral traditional living room design with a combination of beige sofa and coffee table from wicker that makes you feel at home
soft white sofa and square wooden coffee table combined with wooden flooring to inspire your Neutral Color Scheme living room

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Bring one of these family room concepts into your home. Make you and your family always feel at home together. So, have you found an idea for your living room design? For other ideas, please check the post above.

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