In every Halloween celebration, scary and mystical decorations are always displayed in it. With the Halloween celebrations in your city, you will definitely look for the perfect idea to scare everyone. You will definitely look for all kinds of equipment to create a creepy atmosphere in your home. The room that can potentially surprise everyone is the bathroom. You will feel happy if you manage to see some fearful expressions from friends and family members as they enter the scary bathroom!


Creepy bathroom decor can shock many people. That is very normal if done at Halloween and this can also be done in areas such as the living room and kitchen. Especially for the bathroom, you can make it more scary and disgusting. This is done so that the tense atmosphere feels more in your home. Now, are you ready with scary bathroom decorations?



In order to make your tub looks like a crime scene, you need to provide newspaper and plastic to make it look like a corpse. The object is put in the tub and add artificial blood so that this falsehood looks perfect. You can try this decoration to make fear in your bathroom.


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This is a very scary Halloween decoration for people who don’t like blood or fake blood. By using fake headpieces that are frightening and doused with fake blood will also make your bathtub decor even scarier. Try this decoration to frighten your bathroom.


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To create a scary sink design like this picture. You need some artificial tissue and blood to put on your sink. This was made to complement the Halloween decorations in the bathroom. You can try to make this scary decoration in your home.


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This decoration can increase fear in your sink. You can make it using a towel stamped with a red palm. This can make your sink perfect for Halloween. Not to mention, the addition of some decoration on the sink will make this sink extraordinary.


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The curtains for this bathroom can make everyone scared. By using red writing or even with artificial blood combined with people’s shadows will make this curtain scary. Try this!


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These curtain decorations look like murder marks. With the blood draped to make this bathroom look scary. To create a perfect bathroom you need white curtains in order to make curtains like in the picture.


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if you want to design a bathroom wall that is simple but can also be scary, you should prepare fake cockroaches as decoration. Garments infested with cockroaches will make your walls look disgusting. Try this decoration for the upcoming Halloween.


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It was very frightening with blood splattering on the walls like there was a murder in the bathroom. Using fake blood splashed on the wall will make your bathroom look spooky. Try this on Halloween


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A mirror is an important part of the bathroom. At Halloween, mirrors can also be decorated to be very scary. As in the picture, the mirror is written in red like the blood which can make you afraid. Try it!


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By using a bathroom mirror that is decorated for Halloween. You can make it looks like in the picture above. Fake sparks on the mirror can make your bathroom look scary. This is a simple decoration and easy to make. Try it!


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Some people don’t like to see blood, even if it’s fake blood. For those who see it can make them feel scared and nauseous. But actually it can be used as an idea to decorate your bathroom. Guests or friends at your home will surely scream hysterically when they saw your bathroom full of blood. Another idea that can also scare your guests is to put a cockroach on the bathroom wall. You can buy some terrible cockroaches at many of the nearest shops. Next, use glue to attach cockroaches on the bathroom floor, walls and ceiling.

Another thing that scares your guests is to make your sink red like blood. Decoration using blood is good enough to make a bathroom, sink and other places look like a scary crime scene. With a little creativity, make your bathroom curtain equipped with Jason Friday the 13th doll be creepy. What do you think about some of the scary decorations above? is that scary enough already?


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