Decorating a small house can sometimes be difficult because of the space limitation that we have makes us think seriously so that decoration does not make the house look cramped. Choosing the right home decor can also be a challenge for some people. In decorating a small house we must be able to keep the house neat and organized and also we must ensure that the house has all the things needed. Even so, there are some home designs that we can imitate, namely modern style and rustic style.


Modern Style

Modern home designs always try to bring balance by presenting natural elements such as wood materials in some parts of the house and plants as ornaments. The main character of modern home design is practicality in the function of space and the existence of furniture. But that does not mean modern home designs must be minimal decoration. Examples of modern designs that you can apply are by making simple living rooms with white sofas, round iron coffee tables, and indoor plants to create a cool atmosphere in the small space.

beige living room design with sofas, gallery art and unique coffee tables from a stack of books for your inspiration that can be applied
clever storage bookcase in the living room with flower pattern sofa and red coffee table from leather to create a comfortable feeling in this room
gray bedroom and minimalist office desk that becomes one with your bed in front of the window so you can get fresh light in the morning
inspired comfortable white entryway with a long hanging rack above the door to store some small objects
minimalist living room design with white backdrop tv and gray sofa to relax in a comfortable family room
minimalist white kitchen design with modern stove and round gold mirror to decorate your kitchen in the small space
Simple living room design with white sofas, round iron coffee tables and indoor plants to create a cool atmosphere in the small space
small bathroom design with minimalist granite table sink and towel hook under the sink
white and black striped bedroom with stainless nightstand and unique table lamp beside the bed to create good lighting
white dining room design with round dining tables, unique chandeliers and round black chairs to make you comfortable

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Rustic Style

One of the characteristics of a rustic style house is the use of natural materials. That means a lot of using materials made of wood and stone. Rural design, in essence, is the use of organic elements in the most natural conditions. You will not find modern furniture. Rustic style also greatly reduces materials made from modern, such as metals, plastics, or synthetic fibers. Rustic designs that you can apply at home are rustic kitchen designs with gray kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen tables, and chairs, wooden vinyl flooring added bohemian motifs rugs.

gray wooden kitchen island and wooden sliding door for tiered shelves
interior decoration home decor with the main material from wood will make you comfortable and cool in the room
Montana ski chalet with square mirror at the large wooden pallet walls for your bathroom
rustic kitchen design with a roof made from thick pieces of wood can be used for cooking utensils and wooden vinyl flor
rustic kitchen design with gray kitchen cabinet, wooden kitchen table and chair , wooden vinyl floor added bohemian motif rugs
simple living room design with wooden coffee table and a bohemian rug will create a rustic atmosphere in your room
small white kitchen with white kitchen cabinet and wooden light blue kitchen island for your needs in the kitchen

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farmhouse style storied kitchen with wooden rack to store kitchen utensils and classic chandelier for your kitchen
interesting small home decor rustic style with large wooden coffee tables, table lamps, and old wooden windows for wall decorations
rustic bathroom design with hanging rack on the wall and classic bath tube you must have

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A small house with a modern and rustic design requires an efficient interior so the room becomes more spacious. A comfortable home does not always have to be filled with a lot of supporting furniture or expensive decorations, but rather just simple home decoration. You just need to choose a simple home decoration that is able to create the illusion of an efficient place.

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