For houses that have a roof deck, a rooftop lounge area can be an option at home. The outdoor area on the top floor not only provides an interesting view but also provides coolness and comfort for the homeowner. This outdoor area has a function as a park or various other room functions. Nowadays many people use the rooftop as a means to rest.


With Fire Pit

A good home design will add aesthetic value to your home. Some parts of the house must be designed perfectly to make the house beautiful. An elegant design for a rooftop is also important. Nowadays Rooftop with a unique design is very popular. You can make a more modern rooftop by using a fire pit. If you often use this area as a living room or lounge, then don’t forget to make a fire pit to make sure the cold air doesn’t disturb you.

comfortable rooftop design with fire pit and white sofas to relax at night and warm-up
Elegant fire pit on a big table and long sofa to relax with family and as warmers on your rooftop
inspired fire pit at the corner for the rooftop with iron chairs and tables for casual chatting with a family
modern fire pit design in your rooftop with the position of the blue sofa and rattan frame to warm you up at night
simple Rooftop designs with fire pit and dark gray and comfortable white frame for a family gathering
The fire pit inspiration that became the medium for long granite tables and long sofas to gather with the family created a warm atmosphere

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Imagining a lush green garden beautiful green can certainly make a feeling of calm. And of course, we want that to be in your home. However, this amazing dream is unrealistic if you lack the space for a yard in your home. However, for those of you who have space in your roof deck, you can have a beautiful and inspiring green roof garden design by using creative and brilliant ideas. You can make rooftop designs like a minimalist comfortable rooftop surrounded by some greenery will make it cool and calm

minimalist comfortable rooftop surrounded by some greenery will make it cool and calm
rooftop design that uses wood floors with greenery on the bed garden to create a cool atmosphere
Rooftop Designs with Greenery which is like a garden and wooden lounge chair to enjoy a green and fresh atmosphere
Rooftop inspiration for your home can be by using a wooden pallet floor and planted with greenery to filter out the dust and beautify your rooftop
smart garden arrangement with fresh greenery on the rooftop and red lounge chairs to relax
stunning rooftop garden with surrounded by meadows, greenery and lounge chairs to enjoy the view from a height

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Cozy Seat

A rooftop house can provide a great place to enjoy the weekend. Designing a roof area with wooden decks and a gathering place will make the atmosphere more familiar to homeowners and families. You must provide the right sofa so that you can be more relaxed and your mind calmer. Examples of sofas that you can choose are large chairs with a beautiful model from rattan and added soft foam can make you comfortable when gathering with family on the rooftop.



A Shaded rooftop with dark rattan chairs and soft foam to make it more comfortable when sitting
A smart seating area to be comfortable when gathering with an L-shaped sofa and beige rattan chair
Cozy Seat with a sectional mod sofa and an array of colorful pillows to gather with the family
large chair with a beautiful model from rattan and added soft foam can make you comfortable when gathering with family on the rooftop
modern rooftop space and shade with wooden chairs that do not have legs and soft foam for comfortable viewing and relaxing
Rustic Seating Rooftop area with a long white sofa and classic coffee table plus plants to create a cool atmosphere

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Proper Lighting

When night falls, and you decide to find peace in the silence of the night, you can go to the rooftop. In addition, you need to put some comfortable sofas and also a beautiful firepot. In order to make the park looks bright, you must install lights to create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Lighting is a sweetener element that you can use as decoration for your unique rooftop design. You can use some garden lights in the pot area. Of course, this lighting will be increasingly visible at night.


decorative lighting by connecting LED lights from one tree to another in order to create good lighting on your rooftop
Linear lighting on the rooftop with wooden pallet floor lights added to the stairs to light up when you walk and create a comfortable atmosphere
simple rooftop decor with black iron rooftop fence added a few lights attached to the beeper to light up your rooftop

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a cozy rooftop with white sofa and house plant at the corner added lights to beautify the rooftop with good lighting
decorative lighting by adding a firing light to one of the small tree objects will create a beautiful lighting
shard rooftop with decorative lighting under the garden bed to create good lighting

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Build a comfortable rooftop is a little bit difficult. You should pay attention to many things such as decorations that should not be excessive and furniture that is suitable for the outdoors. Hopefully, the example design above can provide inspiration for you.

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