Cottage can a place where you get the peaceful and warm feeling since it is designed into an old decorating look which is really proper to create those such of impression. It might be won’t proper if you are kind of city person where your job and your business are done in the city. Then you can have it as your chilling place at the weekend to refresh your mind from all of the city things.

Since cottage is commonly located in the rural or semi-rural area, then the farmhouse must be closely related with cottage design style. It is no wonder because when you look at the characteristic and function of the cottage as a warm place to get chilled, then farmhouse is the best style for a cottage. Look at how cozy the cottage decoration on down below. There are some awesome decors which are really warm and peaceful.

Big windows combined with white walls to perfect your dining room
Big wooden frame window combined with wood beam ceiling and wooden floor
Big windows for small dining room
All wood material dining room concept
Brick walls combined with white cabinets
Brick walls combined with white wooden cabinets
Brick walls combined with wooden floor for farmhouse dining room
Brick walls combined with wooden floor and wall for cottage dining room that is added with wooden and rattan furniture
Creative lighting to complete your farmhouse bedroom
Wooden floor with wooden sliding door in white color
Dark grey sofas combined with wooden table
White wooden wall with wooden ceiling and red brick pole
Farmhouse bathroom with wooden frame mirror
Cottage bathroom with wooden frame mirror and table sink added with stone sink
Floating shelves to perfect your living room
Wooden shelves and table with rattan baskets
Floor with old wood to perfect your farmhouse bedroom
Floor with old wood with some rattan baskets used as storage
Grey wall combined with hanging lamps
Wooden kitchen cabinet above wooden kitchen floor
Mason jar pendant for farmhouse kitchen
Wooden floor and kitchen island in dark color for a farmhouse yet modern concept
Open kitchen concept with white walls and wooden floor
Open kitchen concept with white wall, wooden floor, wooden countertop and chairs
Oversized clock to perfect your small farmhouse living room
Oversized wooden clock to perfect your small cottage living room with other wood element interior
Sliding door that made of wooden for master bedroom
All wood bedroom material with its natural wood color
Striped rug combined with white bed and rattan basket
Striped rattan rug combined with wooden chair and rattan basket
Unique hanging lamps to perfect your dining room
Wooden table for cottage dining room in a wooden floor and other additional wooden material
Vintage furniture combined with perfect decorative lighting
Vintage furniture combined with wooden material decoration
Vintage theater seating with white walls
Wooden floor with wooden furniture
White walls combined with wooden table
White wall combined with wooden table and burlap rug
White wooden walls combined with drak grey sofa
White wooden walls combined with white wood cabinet and wooden floor
Wooden ceilings in white for bedroom
Wooden ceilings and wall for bedroom cottage added with wooden furniture
Wooden cupboard in grey combined with wooden floor
Wooden floor, cupboard, table, and chairs paired with burlap rug and rattan basket
Wooden floor combined with white cabinets
All wooden materials for your kitchen cottage decor applied in different colors
Wooden floor combined with wooden cabinets for farmhouse kitchen
wooden theme kitchen where almost all part of the decoration are made of wood
Wooden floor to perfect your interior design
Wooden floor combined with rattan chairs and wood beam ceiling
Wooden stairs to perfect your farmhouse home
Wooden stairs with wooden wall to perfect your farmhouse cottage

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Black and white framhouse living room
Wooden table, rattan storage, and knitting rug in neutral color
Large fireplace to keep warm your living room
Red brick fire place with wood beam ceiling
Striped rug to complete your farmhouse living room
Rattan chairs and wooden table that completed with knitting basket
White stone fireplace for farmhouse living room
White stone fireplace for cottage living room

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Basically the way to decorate a cottage is really simple where you just have to put lot of nature elements inside. For the easiest way is by serving your cottage with wood material. Wood is really flexible and multi function where you can apply it into so many side of your cottage. Let’s say for the building construction like the pool, the ceiling, floor, and more. For the furniture you can have it for your chairs, table, bed, rack, and so many other furniture.

To make your cottage decoration looks more great, don’t forget to add the other nature elements. You can have it with stone where you can utilize as your fire place material and other ornament to beautify your decoration. The rattan basket will also awesome, even to add it with burlap fabric to give an extra farmhouse touch is also really worthy. Give another nature touch with some decorative plants and you’ll get a perfect cottage decoration.

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